Monday, April 20, 2009

Gotta Start Somewhere!

So I'll share some of my "captures" from Easter. :)

Brotherly Love


  1. Adorable. Bet this is going to be a fun new blog for you! Great design here too - Mandy again? Looking good.

  2. Great pics! I would be much obliged if you would follow my photo blog as know, just to be nice ;-)

  3. No gets busy.

    Unfortunately, I haven't purchased a new lens. I have my eye on a 355 mm, but with a whole $200 to my name right now, that's not going to happen until I get a job.

    Speaking of that, I found out today that Community North isn't hiring students this summer, so it looks like the Heart Hospital and Community East are my only options...keep praying!

  4. amazing those are...precious children...stopping by with some SITS love

  5. Love the post work on that last photo (if you did any...). It looks like you added a bit of brightness to the eyes....such a soft sweetness to that moment!

  6. GIRL!! TWO rock. This is cute...Pics are great. Love the last one of your niece...she's adorable.
    AWESOME new blog layout over on your other one too.